Independent Escort or Escort Agency?

I would like to bring you closer to the differences and advantages and disadvantages between an independent escort and an escort agency. Maybe some tips will be useful for you the next time you use Escort Service in Hamburg.


Advantages of an escort agency:

The advantages of booking via an escort agency are that you usually have a large choice of ladies. So you have the freedom to select between blonde, brown, tall, short, slim and curvy 😉
In addition, you can expect an honest and neutral advice at high class escort agencies. High class escort agencies want to win you as a regular customer and are not out to make a quick buck. This is how it is with bad escort agencies. Here you get escort ladies “chatted up” and are only disappointed in the end, but the escort agency a little richer.

Disadvantages of an escort agency:

When booking via an escort service via an escort agency, the communication takes place with the management of the escort agency. It is not possible for you to phone or write to the lady in advance. Escort ladies who have chosen an agency do not want direct contact with the gentleman. This may be because they are very involved in “real” life. Yes, being an independent escort takes a lot of time 😉
But be conscious that competent and honest escort agencies will recommend you the right escort lady for the perfect escort date. Feel free to contact me, I will be happy to recommend a reputable escort agency!


Advantages of an Independent Escort

An Independent Escort Lady decides about her internet presence herself. She determines her homepage, the text and the pictures all by herself. This serves you to find out how the lady works. Can you identify yourself in her internet presence? Is the page made with a lot of love or does it just look “fast, fast”? That tells you a lot about a person, doesn’t it?
Another advantage is that you are in direct contact with the escort lady, you can hear her voice and get an impression during the mail exchange. In addition, you can communicate your wishes directly, without fear that the agency management may forget to pass on certain wishes.

Disadvantages of an Independent Escort

On the website of an independent escort lady you are not spoiled of choice. Here there is only one lady who asks for your attention.
A common reason why men book with escort agencies is that they are afraid of being harassed by the lady after the date. After all, the lady has your name and contact information. I can take this fear away from you at Independent High Class Escorts. They are only out to give you a good time and will handle your data very discreetly.
In my entry “serious escort service” I give you a few tips on how to recognize a high class independent escort or escort agency.

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