You are looking for a reliable agency to apply as an escort?

I am an independent escort, but with a very good volume of bookings. I will be happy to recommend you to searching businessmen and organize escort dates for you.
Please read my demands below carefully and then decide if you want to apply.

I look forward to reading from you.

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Our cooperation:

It is important to me that we can rely on each other and I organize you only dates that bring you great pleasure and I, in turn, can count on you to appear on time for a date, be top well-groomed and treat the man warmly and lovingly.
Please contact me only if you want to do escort as a side job. You should be either a student or in the working life.

Your Look

Of course, the appearance of an escort lady is very important. However, I do not want to specify how tall, how old or how slim you should be. What is important is that you are a head turner. This means that a man likes to show himself with you in the restaurant and is proud of his pretty companion.
You should have a suitable wardrobe or be willing to invest in an appropriate look.
I would also like to represent only natural women. This means that you either have not had any or no notable cosmetic surgery.
You should have a nice smile and have well-groomed hair, nails and skin.

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Your personality

As mentioned above, you should be reliable. Furthermore, it is important for a successful escort to be emphatic and sexually open-minded. You should really like sex and have no fear of contact. Most men are very shy when they are alone with a beautiful woman in a hotel room, then it is up to you to break the ice and make the first step.
Good manners are the be-all and end-all for an escort. You will move in the most exclusive hotels and restaurants and should adapt to the locations like a chameleon. I will be happy to give you tips and answer all your questions and take away your uncertainty.
Many requests are for dates over a longer period of time, so it is important to have a good conversation with you. You should be interested in many different fields and read the news daily.
Most men you’ll meet are international businessmen. Therefore, you should speak English very well. Speaking German, Italian or French are also very advantageous.
Drugs and heavy alcohol consumption are a no-go as a high-class escort.
A strong character and a stable psyche are very important.
If you are a successful escort, you will earn a lot of money very fast, visit great locations and get nice presents. So it is very important to stay on the ground and not act like a diva but be grateful and know that everything is temporary and also superficial.

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You will receive an invoice for all orders and EVERYTHING will be taxed.

My commission is between 20-33%, depending on the length of the date and your loyalty. You choose your fee yourself. I will be happy to give you advice.

I prefer to work with ladies who are not listed in several other agencies. Please communicate to me honestly if you are still represented in other agencies.

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Photo shooting

Good pictures are very important. I will gladly organize everything for your shooting and, if necessary, also take over the costs.

Our getting to know each other

If you would like to work with me, I would be happy to receive an email and a few natural photos from you. If I think that it should fit, we will talk on the phone or skype. The next step is then the personal meeting and the photo shoot.