What to do if you fall in love with an escort…

First of all: Escort dates are wonderful encounters where you can quickly fall in love: There is no stress and it usually takes place in a luxurious ambience. There is enjoyment, love and laughter. The endorphins go crazy.

But you should always be aware that an escort date is a clear agreement. You and the lady enjoy a good time. The lady gets her fee and after the date everyone goes their separate ways.

It can happen that you fall into the after-date blues. But that is normal when you return to the grey everyday life after a really wonderful time. This is not only the case for the bookers, but also for the escort ladies.

Actually, it is a confirmation that the date was a successful escort date.

What you can do now is either book another escort next time to see that there are still many great women out there and that escort dates in general are usually a wonderful experience. This option is especially good if you have booked an escort lady for the first time. If the feeling still doesn’t go away, you can book the first escort lady again and see if the date is as great again or if the rose-coloured glasses are wearing off a little.

I would also recommend the follow-up booking to experienced escort bookers. Test whether she still seems so wonderful and perfect for you.

If you can imagine having a relationship with the escort, then first ask yourself a few questions before you confess your love to her:

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-If you are in a relationship that you do not want to give up and the escort should accept that. The chances that an escort will accept this are very low.
-Can you handle her seeing other men on the side and becoming intimate with them? If not, are you able to compensate for her financial deficiency? Escort dates make the life of every escort financially easier. Even if escorts don’t always earn as much as you think, it’s a nice cherry on top of the cake.
-How do you deal with it when she doesn’t return your feelings? There are men who can’t stand rejection and take revenge by character assassination. Of course, this is totally unprofessional, mean and punishable by law. Should you really like the lady, it is at your own discretion that you know that the escort lady is doing well and that she has enough requests and can only choose for the most beautiful date requests. So: If the escort lady does not return your feelings, then be grateful for the nice time and move on!
-Also keep in mind that an escort lady always tries to prepare heaven on earth for you in an escort date. In everyday life she will not wake you up at three in the morning to give you a blowjob and then appear styled at the breakfast table 😉


Only book an escort if you know that you have your feelings under control and will not fall into a deep hole afterwards.

Escorts who say they love you too and still only want to be booked by you from time to time don’t love you. Then better leave them alone and look for a new adventure.

Escorts who say they don’t love you and only want to see you again (in the form of an escort date) if you don’t suffer are honest. This is fair and you are not playing with the other person’s feelings.

Escort dates are sometimes very emotional and anything that is emotional can quickly become complicated. Don’t make life too complicated for yourself, it’s unsexy and makes you old 🙂 Enjoy the nice dates. There are so many great women who want to sweeten your life for a certain amount of time!


Escort dates are usually very romantic. They are enjoyed, loved and laughed at.


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